Our attorney advised us to add this statement to our policies:


VT Pumpkin Patch is a agritourism and agricultural recreation activity in Colorado. We are a family friendly and family operated farm in Boulder County Colorado. As such, we are here for everyone to have fun and stay safe!

Hazards: Our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and have real-world experience with treating traumatic injuries, but please be aware that there exists certain hazards in agriculture activities. Some people have experienced very minor scratches when visiting the farm. We have never had any serious injury. In fact, the worst injury anyone has sustained was a minor skin abrasion. However, farming and agriculture is inherently dangerous due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to: weather, ground conditions (uneven surfaces, mud, etc.), sharp objects (pruning shears for cutting pumpkins), heavy machinery (tractors, trailers, farm implements), ropes, cables/wiring, running water (irrigation), other objects such as t-posts, animals (yes, goats can bite, but they don’t usually and rarely cause injury), other guests, lifting heavy objects, and so many more. As such, we have taken certain precautions to ensure safety of our customers and guests.

Safety: Aside from being trained in CPR and First Aid, VT Pumpkin Patch is constructed in a manner which is generally safer for all guests. We have a clearly defined parking area, first aid kit on-site, signs, carts, pruning shears, and sections roped-off which are not for entry. Please adhere to guidance from any staff members and obey the signage. Additionally, we will remove anyone who is causing disruptive or unsafe behaviors. Please alert a staff member if you feel the need for us to intervene with any unwanted behaviors. Since we have been in business, we have had to intervene for unlawful behavior two times in the past, both were after-hours and were for trespassing/theft. Aside from that, our guests have always been very respectful of each other. Please use the shears we provide. Some guests may choose to use a pocket knife or similar when cutting pumpkins off the vine, but the shears are the safest way to do this (speaking from experience here).

Behavior: We will absolutely prosecute for unlawful behaviors or trespassing and have a zero-tolerance policy for destruction of property. Nobody wants people to come to their homes and destroy their property or harm your guests. We live here and this is our home and our livelihood and feel the same. We have cameras and other measures to protect the farm and take any abuse towards our guests very seriously.

Pets: We absolutely LOVE animals including your pets! We are pet friendly and you are welcome to bring them with you while you pick your favorite pumpkins. With that in mind, please speak with a staff member about any special hazards which may be related to animals. Weeds grow on farms too (unfortunately), and our staff will be able to let you know where it’s generally safe and not safe for animals to walk. Nobody wants their dog’s paws full of goat-heads! Just check-in with staff and they will let you know where the known hazards exist. Also, for the comfort of all guests, please keep your pets under control. We do not require a leash, but do expect a level of control of pets on the farm when interacting with other guests. If your pet is aggressive towards other guests we will ask you to fix the situation. We may even have the ability to watch your pet while you visit, just talk with a staff member about this.

Infants and children: We welcome any and all infants on our farm! The youngest hay-riding pumpkin-picking (with help from Mom) visitor we had was three weeks old. Children of all ages are welcome. We do ask you just keep an eye on them. Farms are inherently dangerous places, especially for wanderers (you know who they are). We’ve never lost anyone and nobody has ever had a serious injury. That being said, please check with staff if you have any questions about getting on equipment or other circumstances for special needs children. We are here to help and will do our best to accommodate the needs of our guests.

Vehicles/Parking: Everyone needs to get around. We get it! Most of the time, we have plenty of parking. Sometimes, and unexpectedly, we may have a influx of vehicles which limit the available parking spaces. Please keep this in mind when parking on the farm. Farms are made from dirt, which is what our parking area is made of. Therefore, we do not have painted lines like you’d find at a mall (no, we won’t do that to our soil). Instead, expect to see rows of t-posts with rope and a clearly defined parking area. Please park reasonably close to other vehicles so that ingress and egress is possible. Signage exists for accessible parking and reserved areas. Never block an entrance or exit. We will ask you to move your vehicle if you do. If you refuse, we will move it for you (with a tractor, sorry.. not really, and not liable for damages). This is important because we need to ensure an ambulance or other first responders can provide services to our guests. Even though we’ve never had an issue with this, it’s worth noting because it’s pretty important.

Restroom: We provide a porta-potty for those who need to use it. After-hours, it is locked and unavailable to the public. This is to ensure that our facilities are clean and accessible to our guests.

Trespass / After Hours: We understand guests may want to come visit the farm after hours but will need permission for this to happen. Just like any home, you’d expect people don’t just come inside whenever you’re sleeping. We do expect the same of our farm. If you have a problem or a special need to visit after hours, please speak with a staff member to arrange this. We are open when the entrance is “open” with a sign that says “open”, and closed when the entrance is “closed”, with a sign that says “closed”. It’s pretty straight forward, but worth mentioning because shockingly, we have encountered folks who (claim they) do not understand this.

By visiting our farm, you agree to our policies and directions from staff members.